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Otis Reservoir 
Property Owners Association, Inc.

P.O.Box 1325, East Otis, Massachusetts 01029
(O.R.P.O.A) Incorporated 1956

Our Purpose 

To improve the area surrounding Otis Reservoir; To promote an amicable and co-operative relationship with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the towns of Otis, Blandford, and Tolland; Toward maintaining the the highest possible water level in said reservoir and fostering its recreational facilities; To create and develop the highest ideals of good citizenship, co-operation and neighborliness  in our community; To co-operate with others associated on matters of mutual concern and interests, together with the right to buy, own and sell real estate and other rights therein in furtherance of the above purposes.

ORPOA provides an interactive space for the individuals and the communities, neighborhoods and towns sharing the recreational resources of Otis Reservoir. Many of these groups have their own associations.

ORPOA, at times, has served as an umbrella organization to help create a unified front in support of common causes such as Chapter 91. Representatives from each area share ideas and questions about Otis Reservoir using ORPOA as a common communications thread.

ORPOA commissions annual water quality testing of the reservoir, which costs about $3000, and comes from dues money, which is currently $20.00 per family.

The Board of Directors has a member on the Lakes and Ponds Association, which gives us ideas on what is going on in other bodies of water, such as: weed control, control of zebra mussels (and other exotic species,) overall water quality, and other ecological strategies to maintain the lake quality.

ORPOA sponsors and organizes an annual clean up.

The ORPOA continues to work closely with State representatives on things that affect us directly, such as the upcoming implementation of new rules and regulations on the Reservoir.

OPPOA input was a key influence on the way in which the State regulates the water level in the spring. Now if we could get Mother Nature to get on the same page we would be in seventh heaven.